Investigations into online radicalization, tech, labor, and masculinity. 

Nurse Bounties: How Recruitment Agencies Profit from the Pandemic by Auctioning Healthcare Workers to the Highest Bidder
They promise top dollar for dangerous contracts, forcing nurses to choose between their health and livelihood. How much money would it take for you to do a job that could kill you?

The Definitive Inside Story of ‘Goldeneye 007’
Slapping, Klobbs, speedrunning, cheating Oddjobs and more: Everything you ever wanted to know about the creation of the iconic, game-changing FPS.

The Wolves of Dogecoin: Inside the Underground Crypto Hustle
For over four years, a pump-and-dump Discord channel has scammed millions from unregulated cryptocurrency markets — and it’s only growing stronger.

An Oral History of Adam Sandler, Pickup Basketball Legend
‘He was just out there drilling long threes in his shades and hitting cutters. It was really incredible.’

Viral Reporting

Interviews with the internet's Main Characters before they reach peak virality.

Meet the Guy Who Spends Just $150 a Year to Eat All His Meals at Six Flags
Where others saw glorified carnival food, Dylan saw the world’s thriftiest food court.

The Wisconsin Mom Who Made the Viral ‘Welcome to Poundtown’ Sign Shares Her Inspiration
“I never in my life thought I’d go viral for anything,” she tells me. “I don’t even use Twitter, and my home is trending there today. Like, what the heck?”

Who did you exploit today?

The 7-Year-Old Girl Who Eviscerated Wall Street Bros Is Still Fighting
Catching up with Tahmel Morton, the precocious kid who demanded finance guys answer for their crimes in 2005’s viral ‘Who Did You Exploit Today?’

The Unexpectedly Sweet Story Behind Those Viral Semi-Truck Pregnancy Photos
For soon-to-be-fathers who truly love their ride, semi-truck maternity photos are where the rubber meets the road.

Digital Culture

Reports from every corner on the internet and the communities that thrive within.

‘We Are Your Family Now’: What It’s Like to Lose a Loved One to QAnon
Millions of Americans are grieving the loss of mothers, fathers, partners and siblings to an extremist conspiracy cult quickly gaining power in media and politics

Digital Bandits: The New Art Thieves Selling Stolen Works as NFTs
It may not be as cinematic as a museum heist, but this new form of art theft is quickly becoming a lucrative criminal payday that negatively affects pretty much any artist who posts their work online

A Profile of the Original Short King: Muggsy Bogues
I spoke with the 5-foot-3, the NBA veteran who reigned over the league long before the Short King ascended to the throne culturally.

Uncasing the Mystery of the Cursed Viral ‘Meat Clown’
His name is Billy Roll, and European children love to pluck out his eyes and wear his face like Ed Gein.